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Here is some great information on cross stitch products, new and old, and their care and feeding.

What is DIAMANT thread?

Diamant is a DMC “metallic” thread that comes on a spool. It is a single non-divisible strand that is weighted the same as 2 strands of cotton floss. Many people find it much easier to use than the DMC Light Effects “metallics”, which come in 6 strand divisible skeins.

Needlepoint Canvas – A Quick Guide to Different Types

Needlepoint is an ancient needlecraft that has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. It is used to create pillows, bags, eyeglass cases, purses, wall hangings, rugs, upholstery for furniture, even clothing!   What sets it apart from other kinds of needlecrafts is the “ground” that it is stitched on. Needlepoint is done on evenweave canvas, not […]

Introduction to Cross Stitch Fabrics

Three colours of cross stitching fabric arranged nicely on a brown, wooden table top

Aida, Lugana, Linen and Linda We get a lot of questions regarding the difference between the main types of fabrics that are specifically designed for cross stitch and other needle arts.  All fabrics designed for cross stitch are “evenweave”, which means that there are the same number of threads in one direction as the other.  […]

My Magic Hour: A Product Tour – 28 Count Opalescent Lugana

Serena holding a rainbow pride heart design

Hello, stitchers! Serena here again with a blog series this time! I’m calling it My Magic Hour: A Product Tour (like an artist’s “best of” tour but I can still be in the privacy of my own home to bring it to you!) So, what is a “product tour”? It works thusly: I use a […]

Happy Stitching Podcast – Episode 6 – Working With Variegated

Five brightly coloured flosses with different shades in each skein each with the DMC logo prominently displayed

https://magichourcrossstitchsupplies.podbean.com/e/episode-6-working-with-variegated/ Yes! That’s right! We’re back and stitch-y-er than ever! In this episode we tackle working with variegated floss with tips on customizing your project with variegated floss, how to make the most of your variegation and when to use it. We also discuss some options to do with finishes and our own personal preferences […]

Waste Canvas – What is it?

A clos-up on gridded white embroidery fabric

Waste Canvas gives you the structure needed for stitching on ordinary fabrics.  Just baste your waste canvas in place, then stitch as you would on any 14 count Aida.  When you are finished your stitching, simply wet the waste canvas thoroughly, and the threads can pull out and leave just your stitching on your garment, […]

Using Kreinik Blending Filaments

A pile of different colours and types of Kreinik cross stitching thread, still on the spool

The thin quality of Blending Filament allows you to create elements of subtle light reflection. It is often combined with cotton, wool or another thread type, in the same needle, to create a random metallic sparkle.

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