What is DIAMANT thread?

What is DIAMANT thread?

Diamant is a DMC “metallic” thread that comes on a spool. It is a single non-divisible strand that is weighted the same as 2 strands of cotton floss. Many people find it much easier to use than the DMC Light Effects “metallics”, which come in 6 strand divisible skeins.

It comes in 12 beautiful colours, including a black and gold blended shade that is fabulous!

You can check them out here:


Tips for Using Metallics

  • Keep your thread shorter than when stitching with cotton thread. About half as long is a good rule of thumb.
  • Expect wastage at the end of your thread, as metallics fray as you stitch with them, and the strands get used up unevenly.
  • Use a bigger needle than usual, too. It will help to gently push the holes in the fabric open a bit, so there is less drag on the thread. Less drag equals less fraying and less static electricity build-up.
  • Pull the thread through at a right angle to the fabric, so as to avoid dragging it strongly across the thread.
  • When using any kind of specialty thread and particularly the ones made of or containing acryllic (like metallics), keep a little square of dryer sheet handy to rub on your thread from time to time. By reducing the static electricity, you reduce tangling and knotting.

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