Magic Hour Needlecrafts

For a long time cross stitching has been our passion and art. And since January 2018, it’s been our business! It started as a hobby project on Etsy but has since outgrown it’s britches and become more than just a hobby! We’d love to hear from you, so ask us a question about cross stitching and find out just how passionate we are

Donna Murphy

I have been a cross stitcher most of my life and am ready to share it with the world! I am an owner/operator/originator of Magic Hour Needlecrafts. I’m happy to answer anything you might have to ask about cross stitching! Or just ask how my day is going

Serena Murphy

I am Donna’s daughter and let’s just say my mother has rubbed off on me, as I too have been a stitcher for most of my life. I began making plastic canvas coasters and now I stitch one over one on 32 count black linen. I’ve come far and would like to bring you along with me!

Why “Magic Hour”?
We called our cross stitch business Magic Hour in recognition of all those stitchers who have to wait till their last meeting is done, their last customer is cared for, the kids are in bed, and whatever else is on their plate, to finally sit down for that magic hour of peace and quiet when needle and floss meet fabric.


If you’re a stitcher, you get it!