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The “Happy Stitching” podcast is a chance for Donna (mom) and Serena (daughter) to just relax and chat while they stitch, and talk about various cross stitch related topics, and even answer some questions from listeners. Come and join us!

Happy Stitching Podcast – Episode 6 – Working With Variegated

Five brightly coloured flosses with different shades in each skein each with the DMC logo prominently displayed

https://magichourcrossstitchsupplies.podbean.com/e/episode-6-working-with-variegated/ Yes! That’s right! We’re back and stitch-y-er than ever! In this episode we tackle working with variegated floss with tips on customizing your project with variegated floss, how to make the most of your variegation and when to use it. We also discuss some options to do with finishes and our own personal preferences […]

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