Monthly Archives: June 2019

Gridding – Pen or Thread?

A close up on a needle with yellow floss being inserted into white, gridded aida fabric

Tips on Gridding your Fabric Hello, stitchers!  Donna here with a few tips, do’s and don’t on Gridding. Gridding is a subject that gets a lot of attention in cross stitching Facebook groups, workshops and anywhere else that stitchers gather. There are good reasons to grid.  It certainly helps with keeping counts, especially for “cross […]

Waste Canvas – What is it?

A clos-up on gridded white embroidery fabric

Waste Canvas gives you the structure needed for stitching on ordinary fabrics.  Just baste your waste canvas in place, then stitch as you would on any 14 count Aida.  When you are finished your stitching, simply wet the waste canvas thoroughly, and the threads can pull out and leave just your stitching on your garment, […]

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